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About the Area

Mtentu River

The Mtentu River really is a unique stretch of water. There are so many mysteries and wonders that still need to be discovered. It is home to a large  variety of marine life including turtles and the King fish or GT( Giant Trevally)

Below is a feature by BBC and David Attenborough on the King fish activity in the Mtentu River.

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Go to 19:30 on the video

Mkambati Nature Reserve

Flanked on either side by the forested ravines of the Msikaba and Mtentu Rivers, Mkambati Nature Reserve is 8000 hectares of coastal reserve that consists mainly of grassland, close to the KwaZulu Natal border in north-east Pondoland.

Despite being predominantly grassland, the incredible scenery is peppered with a swamp forest, cascading waterfalls and forested ravines - in particular, the views of the Msikaba gorge, when walking through the grassland above the river, are awe inspiring. 

Perennial streams, like the beautiful Mkambati with its crystal clear pools and series of waterfalls, zigzag across the effortlessly large areas of grassland that support a range of animals and plants

Eland, red hartebeest, blue wildebeest, gemsbok and blesbok have all been introduced into the reserve, whilst sugarbirds, sunbirds, croaking cisticolas, common waxbills and red shouldered widows rent the air with their cries. 

There are also incredible areas of swamp forest where wild frangipani grow side by side with arum lilies and several sedge species grow in the water beneath the trees. It’s no wonder that frogs enjoy these low-lying areas. 

The hiking and trails within the reserve are what attract so many visitors to Mkambati. One of the most popular walks in the Mkambati Nature Reserve is the trail along the Mkambai River to Horseshoe Falls, an incredible plunge of water falling first on to another terrace before dropping into the sea below.

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