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Scenic Route From Durban

Step 1

  • From Durban follow the main road to Port Edward.

  • Continue past the Wildcoast Sun until you reach a turnoff on your left marked Unkolora (+/- 18 Km)

Step 2

  • Turn left at the Umkolora signpost there will be a football field on your left .

  • Zero your odometer

  • Follow the road to the first fork ( +/- 3 Km )

  • Take the left fork

Step 3

  • +/- 5,5 km later you will cross a bridge over a river.

Step 4

  • +/- 8,4 km you will pass Mungungu Clinic on the left.

Step 5

  •  Just after the clinic the road forks

  •  Take the left fork

Step 6

  • +/- 13,2 km you will see Sigidi school

  • Keep right of the school

Step 7

  • +/- 16,7 km keep right.

Step 8

  • +/- 18,8 km there should be a school on your left

Step 9

  • +/- 24 km you will cross another bridge over a flowing river. (This river drops into a gorge, it is worth your while stopping here and looking at the scenery, especially below the bridge from the top of the waterfall)

Step 10

  • +/- 26 km the road forks

  • Mtentu Campsite straight  (Nyameni turnoff is on the  left)

Step 11

  • +/- 27,1 km Xolobeni school will be on your left 

Step 12

  • +/- 32,7 km the road will fork

  • Take left fork

Step 13

  • Follow road until the road forks.

  • You will see a sign for Mtentu Campsite 

  •  Take the right fork as indicated.

  • Follow the road to the end, there is a parking area slightly above the campsite if you feel you cannot drive the last 30m because the road is too bad.

  • If you are happy to go down the hill there is an area to park just before the campsite.

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